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11 January 2018
Working tests of the new driver with three independent channels are...
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26 August 2017
The testing and tuning of the new 2-channel LED driver is finished....

3-channel driver

Working tests of the new driver with three independent channels are being completed. The characteristics, in my opinion, are impressive: a current of up to 3 amperes per channel, the fundamental absence of a strobe effect and ringing, a powerful microcontroller control and a power system that provides a current consumption of less than a microampere in sleep mode.

This driver will be used in the new model of underwater flashlights Volga. One channel will be responsible for powering the central LED XHP-50.2 and the other two channels will control the halo diodes - six XPL2, 3 pcs. per channel.

Signal LEDs (3 low power) are allocated in a separate section and will be controlled independently of the 3 main channels.

The new software will allow the current to be varied smoothly on all channels, further contributing to the creation of a truly versatile flashlight.


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