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26 August 2017
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Underwater flashlights

 Flashlights for spearfishing - is a necessary element of equipment for every underwater hunter. Even if you plan to hunt only in the daytime, you will still need it. With increasing depth, more and more light is absorbed by the water and depending on its transparency; sooner or later you will encounter insufficient light. I’m not talking about shaded areas with grass, snags or steep banks. Fish does not like brightly lit places and often stands in such places. Well, now is very popular night spearfishing is generally not possible without a good flashlight. It is these flashlights that you can purchase on our website.

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300.00 $
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Universal underwater flashlight with a set of unique characteristics
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Volga 8

340.00 $
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Universal underwater lantern with a set of unique characteristics with an increased battery cassette


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