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Underwater flashlight

Underwater flashlight – is a necessary element for most divers. Under water there are many dark places, where the most interesting things are located. Moreover it is relevant at night dives. In this case you need not just a flashlight for illumination, but a full-fledged source of artificial lighting.

A high-quality flashlight isn’t cheap and it makes sense to spend a few minutes to get the information necessary for an informed choice.

In contrast to the development of underwater lighting, the task of obtaining the necessary light in the air is not new. In my opinion the most successful example is the development of car lighting systems. For its perfection work a large number of specialists and spend a lot of money. Therefore, it makes sense to analyze the results obtained by them and try to apply them to underwater light.

Ordinary car light system includes high beam, low beam and fog light sections. The distant light is as white as possible, rather narrow beam. In this light, everything is clearly visible with good air transparency – without smoke, rain or fog. Low beam – usually neutral in temperature – begins to be used when visibility deteriorates (if you don’t take into account oncoming cars). Fog lights are used with low beam in poor visibility conditions – fog, rain, snow, smoke. In such conditions, you need to get the most contrasting picture of the curb and the space in front of the car. This requires light with a depleted spectral composition – usually yellow.

By and large this information is enough for us. Under water we need white power light for good transparency, neutral light for average transparency and yellow light for bad. A modern underwater flashlight includes these different possibilities.

Their design should take into account the limitations associated with the fact that it is portable, compact devices. The flashlight must have reliable thermal protection, control the battery charge and have a simple, intuitive control.

These are the flashlights we offer you. Each model appears as a result of the search for the optimal result in real practice – we hunt a lot and make these flashlights primarily for ourselves.

We offer you the best flashlights. Good luck with your choice!


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