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Universal flashlight for spearfishing and diving with a narrow central ray and a wide halo. 2 times increased battery.

Underwater flashlight “Dnepr 8-R” - this is the flashlight DneprR with 2 times increased battery. It has not 4 but 8 elements. Everything else, without changes - this is the realization of the idea of a universal flashlight, well suited for a wide variety of conditions. In this model, we combined the best qualities of the Dnepr and Volga flashlights, and got an excellent result.

A narrow central ray – something that the flashlight “Dnepr” lacked in clear water. This has expanded the capabilities of the flashlight and you can tune it especially for your conditions, for day or night. The possibility to order diodes with different temperature will allow you to choose the best option for different transparency.

Using the unique control unit from our production in all our flashlights, allows avoiding unwanted noise or ringing during the underwater flashlight is working and provides wide functionality and reliability.

Flashlight “Dnepr8-R” is not so good for video shooting as the flashlight “Dnepr”, because of the more pronounced central part. The video will not have “black strips” and you can optimally (as much as possible) construct form and intensity of light spot.

Main characteristics:

  • possibility for independent setting the center and halo brightness
  • brightness up to 4915 lumens of light, center up to 2650 lumens, halo up to 2265 lumens
  • center – ray with angle 10 degrees (XHP 50.2 +aluminum reflector) halo – 150 degrees (6 XPG-3, without secondary optics)
  • glow duration at maximum – 2 hour 20 minutes
  • dimensions – length 245 mm, body diameter 49 mm, weight without batteries 325 g
  • power supply – 8 Li-ion protected batteries of size 18650
  • body material – aluminum alloy D16T coating – “cold anode”
  • warranty on the flashlight – 1 year! (in the case of drowning – each option is considered separately)

Operating properties:

  • 8 brightness modes of the selected ratio
  • 360 possible light combinations
  • 3000K, 4000K and 5000K diodes are installed on your order
  • possibility of blocking from accidental activation
  • two-point thermal protection
  • battery discharge control
  • SOS mode
  • quick transition to max-min
  • presence of backlight

Flashlight control:

  • the flashlight is controlled by a magnetic button – for detailed instructions see the user manual

Basic set of delivery:

  • flashlight “Dnepr8-R”
  • case
  • elastic lanyard on hand
  • soft napkin
  • four spare rubber sealing rings
  • ring grease
  • user manual
  • passport

The recommended kit provides in addition:

Main advantages:

  • excellent workmanship and high-quality components
  • high power and long glow time
  • convenient end magnetic button
  • the broadest functionality
  • the ability to quickly replace batteries
  • high reliability
  • anodized aluminum body
  • relatively low price

3D models of plastic accessories

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