How to choose a flashlight for spearfishing

The main flashlights in our line are two models – Dnepr and Volga”, as well as their increased modifications to 8 batteries. Both flashlights have a separation of the light beam into the central part and the halo, with the ability to quickly adjust the ratio of their brightness depending on specific conditions.

Also, when ordering a flashlight, you have the opportunity to choose the color temperature of the diodes. If the water is turbid – then the color will warmer. With an average transparency, of say, up to 1.5-2 meters, the optimal choice would be 4000K – center and 3000K halo.

The flashlight “Volga” has the ability to quickly and smoothly adjust the halo temperature, as well as the central part of the beam, which is different from the flashlight “Dnepr”. More wide, with soft edges center of the flashlight “Dnepr” will be more suitable for night hunting and for underwater shooting in water with an average transparency – it is the most typical conditions for us.

More narrow and dense center of the flashlight “Volga” will be more suitable for day and night in very turbid and very clear water, or when everything is completely bad, or when you have the ability to shine more far. Also, a bright central beam, maybe, will frighten fish more and will be bad for video recording.

If you hunt at night, during long time and you need mush shine – then pay attention to the modifications of our flashlights for 8 batteries. Moreover this is true if you do not mount the flashlight on the gun.

Flashlights differ in light, in functionality and, accordingly, in price. The flashlight “Dnepr” costs 200$, the flashlight “Volga” – 300$.

And now a few words to justify these recommendations.

Dimensions and weight, functionality, price – there are the main variables, the choice of which you need to decide when choosing a specific model. Let’s start with the cost.

The modern and high-quality flashlight should consist of modern high-quality components – high-performance LEDs, high-quality optics, high-tech control units – drivers, the most modern and reliable batteries. Also don’t forget about the importance of high-quality manufacturing of the flashlight body. Yes, of course – the price should be reasonable. You should not buy a flashlight at the price of an iPhone, but you should not look a version of a modern universal underwater flashlight for 100$.


Underwater flashlight should have reliable thermal protection, it should control the discharge of the battery, and also have simple, intuitive controls and individual settings – modes, beam shape settings, and ideally, temperature settings.

Many of us drive a car and are faced with tuning the lights in practice. Car light system includes high beam, low beam and fog light sections. Someone like the bright white-cold light, but it is useless in fog or rain. Yes, it shines well and far in clear air, but in fog you have to turn it off and turn on fog lights. The high beam dazzles oncoming drivers and pedestrians, as well as the bright light of the underwater flashlight dazzles and scares the fish.

Therefore, depending on the transparency and color of the water, the caution of the fish, the time of day, you need to be able to adjust the light of the underwater flashlight by analogy with the light of a car – I think this is obvious.

Dimensions and weight

We want much light underwater. Much light and during a long time – we need a big battery. And here you need to find a compromise between the minimum required light and the most comfortable size and weight.

If you hunt during the day and use the flashlight for several minutes, it makes no sense to drag a hefty flashlight with 8 batteries. And vice versa – hunt at night, in clear water and for many hours – a small flashlight will be useless.

If you still have questions – call, write – we will try to answer them and help you choose the best model for you.



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