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Charger for Li-ion with balancer

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27.00 $
Automatic charger with balancing connector

The automatic charger is designed to charge battery or assembly, with balancing connector XH, which contains from 1 to 4 Li-ion or lithium-polymer batteries. The battery is not charged in its entirety, but with the balancing of its individual elements. Therefore, both protected and unprotected batteries can take part in such assemblies.

This type of charging allows you to maximize the use of the capabilities of batteries and provides a longer overall service life.

On the body there are light indicators of a charging stage – red – is charging, green –charging is over and switch Li-Po/LiFe. At the end of the body there are 4 connectors for different assemblies. It is ideal for picking flashlights with a balancing socket for charging.

Main characteristics:

  • reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • charge current – 1A
  • input current – 1.5A
  • input voltage – 10-16V
  • charge cut-off voltage 4.2V, 8.4V, 12.6V, 16.8V
  • complete set – charger and power supply unit (220V)

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