This section of the site contains materials from different sources on the subject of scuba diving and spearfishing. This area is quite vast and, by and large, not studied. It so happened that literally a few decades ago, with the invention of scuba gear, a real revolution began in the study of the underwater world. This led to the creation of new equipment and opened new horizons not only for purely sporting achievements, but also made the underwater world accessible to everyone.

Improvement in this area requires the appearance of completely new knowledge, technologies, and by definition this path cannot be smooth. Studying the experience of other people, will allow you to avoid at least part their mistakes and save money, time and health.

In addition to theory, practice is mandatory – it is not enough to buy the most expensive wetsuit, gun, flashlight and other, to feel truly comfortable in the water. This condition is what you need to come through hard training. In this section you can find enough materials on this theme.

This section is about health questions during spear diving and scuba diving.


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