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You are in the "PodVodoy" online store, which specializes in the sale of our underwater flashlights.

We are a team of specialists united by passion for what they love and having a lot of energy for constant creative search.

The mission of our company is to search for new ways and opportunities for creating high-quality artificial lighting sources available to the maximum number of users.

The peculiarity of our company - we do not follow the path of "garage masters" - we do not try, using standard ready-made modules, by trial and error to create more or less viable "Frankenstein-flashlights" and then we do not try to somehow apply them in real conditions.

We go from the opposite - first, setting the task, based on the needs arising in the process of real practice of underwater activities, and only then the stage of development and production. And the correct task is provided only by regular hunting and diving in a wide variety of conditions - we have plenty of that!

The presence of highly qualified specialists in our team allows us to develop our own control units and create unique software. This makes it possible to obtain, in the final product, precisely those characteristics that were formulated at the stage of setting the problem.

We create innovative equipment to expand your capabilities!

We are located in Ukraine, Sumy, st. Heroes Krut, d. 60

For any questions that arise, please call:

+38 (099) 613-60-68

+38 (067) 542-00-65

Or send emales to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Representative in the Russian Federation - Igor Novikov.


Representative office in the Baltic States - Alexander Semenov.


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Shop of unique lanterns made divers for divers.

We create equipment that expands Your possibilities!

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